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February Is Dental Month

While smelly breath is something we often laugh about with our pets, it can also be a sign of a serious health problem. Did you know that The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports 70 percent of cats have some kind of oral disease by the age of 3? That is why February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

Here at Feline Medical Care Center we know your pet’s health is a top priority and are excited to offer $100 OFF your pet’s dental procedure from February 1st-March 30st. During the procedure, calculus buildup that cannot be removed through brushing will be cleaned from the surface of the teeth as well as under the gum line.  Then the teeth will be polished to help prevent tartar from re-adhering to the teeth. Our staff will go over your own cat’s Dental Grade with you during their pre-anesthetic appointment.

Untreated periodontal disease in cats can cause liver, heart and kidney issues. Dental cleanings are a minimally invasive way to keep your cat healthy and happy for years to come.

Please note that all patients need to have pre-anesthetic testing completed within 30 days of their dental procedure.  We have started booking now for February dental procedures so call today for more information at 703-723-9940!

Click here to see before & after pictures of our dental heroes!


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  • "I am so happy I finally found a great vet. Everyone was so knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend this vet to all cat owners. My cat tends to be very scared of the vets but everyone made her feel so comfortable!"
    - Meggan H.
  • "The Doctor and vet tech were both very nice and walked us through what we should expect after our adoption of our little Honey from LCAS. I think the hardest thing I had to do that day was get Honey into the cat carrier! After giving her a vaccine on Saturday, I got a follow up call on Monday and Wednesday to see how she was doing. What a great office!!"
    - Tariq A.

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