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I am so happy I finally found a great vet. Everyone was so knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend this vet to all cat owners. My cat tends to be very scared of the vets but everyone made her feel so comfortable!

– Meggan H.

Great place! Long review here, so bear with me. 🙂 Everyone with a cat should go to a cats only practice if it’s practical for them. My previous vet in Herndon, who was very good, sold her practice when she retired and I wasn’t thrilled about the new vets there as they seemed to have trouble diagnosing my cat’s problems. It was pretty apparent to me from the beginning that my cat had a urinary tract infection, but they took a while to figure it out. Then one day my cat got lost when a guest left a door open and I started calling around all the local vets, along with the animal shelters, to see if maybe someone had found her and dropped her off. To my surprise, a bunch of vet clinics said something to the effect of, “we haven’t even had a cat patient here in a few days, so we certainly haven’t seen her.” I did some research and discovered that most mixed-animal vets mostly see dogs, some of them to the extent they’re 90% of the patients. So that’s 90% experience with dogs, 10% experience with cats. It probably shouldn’t be this way, but I guess cats are considered lower maintenance pets and people don’t take them to the vet as often as they should. Anyhow, I attended the Cat Show at the Chantilly expo center and met the staff of Fancy Paws Cat Clinic and decided I’d give them a try. I’m glad I did. They’re fantastic! Rachel Keller is a fantastic vet! Very good with accurately diagnosing cats and very thorough and willing to take her time in explaining what’s going on health-wise and what it means. The staff is wonderful too and you can really tell everyone here likes cats. The office is warm and clean. My cat is less stressed out here since they’re no dogs barking at her. Also, they’re conscious of the fact that not everyone has an unlimited health care budget. She’ll go over her recommendations of what she thinks you should do and why it’s important, but they don’t do the used-car salesman high pressure tactics I’ve encountered elsewhere. I like that. Great place and if you’re looking for a vet for your cat, I highly recommend Fancy Paws Cat Clinic!

– Kevin D.

The Doctor and vet tech were both very nice and walked us through what we should expect after our adoption of our little Honey from LCAS. I think the hardest thing I had to do that day was get Honey into the cat carrier! After giving her a vaccine on Saturday, I got a follow up call on Monday and Wednesday to see how she was doing. What a great office!!

– Tariq A.

They are great. They identified my pets sickness in the first visit. No wait time to get in all the times I go in. Your right in and right out. Front desk is organized and helpful.

– Kt B.

Wonderful experience with Dr. Keller today! I have never visited a feline vet before, but I will definitely be back in the future. The waiting area is stress-free and quiet, and Dr. Keller and staff are kind, patient, and professional. My cat received a checkup, vaccine, and microchip, and we purchased Revolution vials (competitively priced with online retailers). Could not have asked for better care and treatment! These folks are top-notch.

– Linda M.

I initially went to a vet in Chantilly, but I felt like the doctor didn’t really care about the pets and just did his job. My cat had a high liver count, but it was never communicated to me that it was a problem. I only found this out because I went to Feline Medical Care Center. I love Dr. Miller and the staff ! They were all very friendly and cared about my cat’s well-being. A couple of days after the appointment, Dr. Miller called to follow-up on my cat then provided all of the test results. Very happy with this place!

– M W.

After taking my cat to Clocktower in Herndon (which I recommend too) and her still having the same issues, it was suggested to me that I take her to an all feline vet. A cat rescue suggested FMCC to me so I made an appointment. Upon Walking In: Oh my God, is this a vet? First thing I noted, no sick animal vet smell. Lovely waiting area with a huge cat mural on the wall, a water feature, it smells like lavender and there is a nice carpet on the floor. Maybe that smell I smell at vets is dogs? Reception: The receptionist is lovely and very personable. Went into the room: My cat was hesitant at first, but then came out and was so sweet to everyone. She didnt act as nervous as she normally does at the vet. The asst was very nice and personable like the receptionist. The appointment: Dr. Jones is a cat whisperer. Instantly he told me what he thought the problem was. He did not throw expensive tests at me, just stated he wanted to do a baseline test. My cat’s issue was behavioral so her put her on medication. I highly recommend this vet if you have a cat.

– H H.

Fancy Paws Cat Clinic is the best medical care I’ve ever found for my cats! It has the atmosphere of home for cat people and cats. Artistic cat trees invite cats to play and hang. Dr. Keller is brilliant, and good with cats of all personalities, and performed a top rate surgery on my oldest cat. Every member of the staff is excited to interact with your cat. We all know what it’s like to get a cat to the vet — they hate it. But I’ve found that the mix of friendliness, cozy, and immaculate examination areas are terrific. If you want your cat to be as comfortable as possible (and not have to see dogs, stressing them out more), and now your medical team specializing in what your furchild needs, head straight to Fancy Paws! Jeni Tutwiler

– Jeni T.

I searched for a good care center for my fur babies for years. After several Vet flops, Dr.Keller was a huge relief! The entire staff is so genuine and have always gone above and beyond. This includes running to and from their facility to my car for paper work, payments and kitties just so I didn’t have to haul all my children inside. The staff has held my hand through loss and accidents due to kitty curiosity. I will recommend them to everyone.

– Sarah C.

I lost my 17 year old cat this year and while the experience was heart breaking the staff at this hospital did an amazing job making the day a little easier. They showed compassion towards me and my cat, something that I appreciate so much. I continue to take my other two cats to this hospital and I wouldn’t take them anywhere else. Thanks guys.

– Ben C.

Dr. Keller is excellent! We’ve been going to her for a couple years now and she has just been wonderful with my kitties whether they were sick or not !!! Very compassionate !!!

– Laurie B.

So happy I found them. They really treated my kitten so special. From walking in I knew this place was going to be good.

– Marsha E.